Tree Trimming

At Bailey Tree, LLC we trim according to ISA standards for the health and well being of the tree. We trim for good structure and longevity. While keeping the aesthetics of the tree and surrounding area in mind. Our Arborists are friendly, trained, and ready to answer any questions regarding a tree's health or trimming needs. 

Tree Removal

At Bailey Tree, LLC we can remove the biggest cottonwood in Denver to the smallest aspen in Highlands Ranch. Whether for safety concerns or home improvement we will be there for your removal needs. We employ the highest standards of safety and quality throughout the entire removal process. Our removal experts are trained and experienced to do the work right.

Stump Removal

At Bailey Tree, LLC we are equipped to not only remove a tree but remove the stump from view. We can remove a stump allowing for you to replant a tree or to just resod. We employ multiple stump grinders to handle jobs, small or large. Our stump grinder foreman are trained in safe practice in regards to all underground gas or electric lines. We prize safety above all else.

Fruit Trees

At Bailey Tree, LLC we offer full spectrum care of fruit trees from fruit bearing apples to ornamental cherries. We keep with ISA standards for shaping, trimming, and caring for your fruit trees. We also offer a combative program against Fire-Blight and other diseases/pests.

Cabling and Bracing

At Bailey Tree, LLC we preform risk assessment for any concerns you may have regarding your tree. We offer options in inspection of current cabling as well as installation of new systems.